Merel Hart was born in France and raised in France by Dutch parents. She took an interest in arts quite early in life, spending hours drawing and painting as a child. As a young teenager, she and her family moved back to the Netherlands, but a few years later, at the age of 17, Merel decided to move back to France to study at Nanterre University, where she graduated with a Master in Political Science and a Master in English. Before taking a more serious interest in photography, she worked in the publishing world for a few years and as a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania.
For the last fifteen years Merel has been working as a fashion and advertising photographer with a studio based in Brussels.
She has made campaigns for many ad agencies such as Publicis, TBWA, Leo Burnett Brussels, Nextage, Tramway21 and Famous Grey and has also worked directly for several clients from the fashion sector. In recent years she has also made portraits and editorial work for Belgian as well as international magazines such as Vice Magazine, The Word Magazine, Le Vif Weekend, The Standard Magazine and Behind the Blinds. She is also pursuing a more personal work around the theme of Youth that she has exhibited in Belgium as well as abroad.
She lives in Brussels together with her two young children.